Convenient Testing

It takes only 4 simple steps to administer BreathTek UBT

step 2 to administer BreathTek UBT

Step 1

For BLUE Baseline Collection Bag:

Collect baseline sample by having the patient inhale, hold their breath momentarily, then exhale into the blue bag. Place cap on the bag and press down until it snaps to prevent sample loss.

step 2 to administer BreathTek UBT

Step 2

For Solution Administration:

Thoroughly mix the entire Pranactin®-Citric packet with water in the plastic container. Close the lid securely by pressing down until you hear a click and swirl until dissolved up to 2 minutes. The patient must drink the solution using the plastic straw provided.

step 3 to administer BreathTek UBT

Step 3

Wait 15 minutes.

step 4 to administer BreathTek UBT

Step 4

For PINK Post-Dose Collection Bag:

Collect the second breath sample in the pink bag using the same procedure as Step 1. Breath sample may be collected no later than 30 minutes POST-DOSE. Place cap on the bag and press down until it snaps to prevent sample loss.

Samples are good for 7 days, at room temperature, after collection.

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BreathTek UBT can detect H. pylori infection with just two breaths!

This simple test detects active infection with H. pylori, a Class I carcinogen that may be one of many contributing factors leading to gastric cancer.*1-3

*Invasive and noninvasive H. pylori diagnostic tools are available.
BreathTek UBT is a reliable, noninvasive option.3

Learn how to administer BreathTek® UBT

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BreathTek® UBT for H. pylori

convenient in office

In Office

Perform both the test and analysis in your office with the POCone® Infrared Spectrophotometer.

convenient in lab

In Lab

Send your patients to national (ie, Quest Diagnostics® and LabCorp®) or regional labs for the test and breath samples analysis.

convenient in office and lab

In Office and Lab

Collect the breath samples in your office and send them to a lab for analysis. Breath sample analysis must be performed within 7 days of breath sample collection.

Patient preparation

  • Remind the patient that Pranactin®-Citric contains phenylalanine (one of the protein components of aspartame). Phenylketonurics restrict dietary phenylalanine
  • The patient should have no food or drink for at least 1 hour before the test
  • The patient should not have taken antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), or bismuth preparations for 2 weeks prior to the test. If PPIs are used within 2 weeks of administration of the BreathTek UBT, false negative test results may occur, and the test should be repeated 2 weeks after discontinuation of PPI treatment. A positive result for a patient on a PPI could be considered positive and be acted upon
  • H2RAs may be substituted for PPIs. The effect of H2RAs may reduce urease activity on urea breath tests. H2RAs may be discontinued 24-48 hours before the BreathTek UBT4
  • The patient may continue the use of antacids as they do not appear to affect the accuracy of the BreathTek UBT
  • For administration by a health care professional only. Do not provide this kit to the patient for self-administration
  • If repeat testing is needed, BreathTek UBT can be administered again on the following day
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