COVID-19 Update

Healthcare institutions and laboratories are encouraged to exercise and continue to practice appropriate clinical precautions when handling breath samples from patients. These groups should refer to their own policies on how to handle its COVID-19 response and should respond appropriately as the COVID-19 situation applies to and impacts its breath testing in its facilities.

Judgement on whether or not to test a patient using the BreathTek® UBT for H. pylori Kit should continue to be made by the patient’s prescribing physician and in collaboration with local testing laboratories on an individual patient basis.

While the COVID-19 situation continues to be dynamic, Otsuka sources the components of the BreathTek® UBT in the United States and currently does not foresee disruptions to its supply.

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Pediatric Use

BreathTek UBT is approved for use in children ages 3 to 17 years

Guidelines recommend against using antibody-based serology tests.1

It is recommended that one of following tests be used to determine whether H. pylori treatment was successful: (1) The 13C-UBT or (2) a 2 step monoclonal stool antigen test.

Confirming eradication is important because of:

  • Poor adherence with medications2
  • Reinfection due to intrafamilial transmission2
  • Increasing antibiotic resistance1
    • In children treated with standard H. pylori therapy, eradication rates have been decreasing over time, in part because of increased antibiotic resistance1
    • Data suggest high rates of H. pylori antibiotic resistance in some pediatric populations1,3
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