Eradication Testing

H. pylori resistance is on the rise1

H. pylori eradication therapy fails in 1 out of 4 patients.2,3

  • Antibiotic resistance, poor compliance—or both—are considered the most common causes of H. pylori treatment failure4
    • Antibiotic resistance may be the strongest predictor of treatment failure5
    • Success rates with the PPI/amoxicillin/clarithromycin combination are in the "unacceptable range" (<80%) worldwide, including in the United States6

Confirm the cure: symptom resolution does not always mean success

step 1

Diagnose if H. pylori is the underlying issue1,7


Consider a guideline-recommended therapy for patients who test positive2,7


Wait 4 weeks to allow for any recolonization that may occur7,8


Test again after completing treatment to confirm successful eradication8,9

Confirmation of H. pylori eradication is recommended—generally with a noninvasive test for active infection.8

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